Welcome To ThinkTwin

It’s time! For those that know my personal story and for those that don’t when I began Artfunc three years ago I had just received joyous news that my lovely wife was carrying twins! Well the time has come for us to ThinkTwin! We are growing, expanding and changing our name is part of that growth. Our new name better … Read More

The best use of Clipart = Trash

Over the years I have worked with many different clients; working on websites, print designs and logos but consistently the company newsletter is left out of these design revamps. After critiquing a wide variety of customer and employee newsletters, I have noticed many common pitfalls- clipart, constant font changes, and text sizing mishaps. Now the title of this post should … Read More

Your call is very important to us!

Earlier this week I was sitting on hold waiting for the umpteenth time for someone to answer my call. I had been transferred three or four times and no one could answer my question. Don’t you just hate this? I do! Response time is something people often complain about but rarely rave about. I wanted my clients to feel more … Read More

Don’t cookie cut your business

I think we’ve all seen them commercials or ads promising DIY websites in under 10 minutes. Just do a web search and you’ll come across many of these huge, generic looking design firms who claim“custom” website to fit your budget! Here’s the truth. They’re really selling you a template, which they might just adjust the colors on. The actual designer … Read More