Welcome To ThinkTwin

It’s time! For those that know my personal story and for those that don’t when I began Artfunc three years ago I had just received joyous news that my lovely wife was carrying twins! Well the time has come for us to ThinkTwin!

We are growing, expanding and changing our name is part of that growth. Our new name better reflects both a personal touch and business goal. My twin girls are my muses they drive me to create as well provide a reminder that a personal touch is important to my clients as well. As for expressing the business goal, I’m expanding and in essence twining myself, by brining on professionals who are experts in their field. Thinktwin will operate much the same if not better with their help, they will bring their personal touches and talent to your business, and help me with quality delivery of products and much more but of course I will remain at the helm.

(Optional) I would like to take the time now to announce one of the professionals joining the ThinkTwin team. Stephanie Davis has jointed us as an Account Manager. She comes from a social media marketing background, has a B.A. in Advertising and Public relations from Point Park and as a Pittsburgh native her pervious experience comes from time with MARCUSA.
She may already have her talented hands in some of your business.

How do I call you? Email you? How will the name change effect my business? Don’t you worry, much of this is taking place or has already taken place and you didn’t even notice. Our name change will be so smooth you’ll wonder what happened to Artfunc.

Is Artfunc gone? No, absolutely not Artfunc will remain as my baby, my first love as it were….Artfunc will be purely art. Keep an eye out for news on that and feel free to view the new website. (link)

So join me as we get personal with our business, grow with talent and ThinkTwin.