Our Services.

All of our products and services are done in-house, that means a straight line of communication and quick results.

We understand that there is a need for education and support beyond providing a website and establishing social media accounts. We will train a member of your staff to handle the new products and provide support on developing organized campaigns. And- For businesses that don’t have the time or manpower to handle their Internet marketing responsibilities, we have affordable packages that enable you to choose the direction of your marketing but have us do the busy work.


From start to finish we are 100% custom, we don't phone it in. Design is where Thinktwin started and it's where we finish. This is the core of what we do. Innovative, fresh eyes to tackle your branding from logo to print from digital to social, design is where we believe a brand begins its growth.


We are all about listening before we attack. You will get nothing but a completely customized strategy fitted to your specific marketing needs. Our comprehensive plans of attack include detailed marketing schedules and budgets, social media ROI and metrics, and of course, baselines to measure progress moving forward.


If you want on point digital marketing you need to know how to separate the trend from the truth. Thinktwin brings decades of digital experience with a keen eye on what's trending and what produces true ROI. Budget size be damned, we can give you the right combination of magic and message, we’re ready to make the most of your money.


Thinktwin is full service marketing. Which by the way includes everything from social media, print, design, email marketing, branding and much more. You get direct access ThinkTwin’s marketing team including Strategists, Account Executive, Art Director, Copywriter, and Social Media Coordinator. Your team works directly with you to make sure that your marketing strategy is consistent, coherent, and completely outstanding.

Who we are.

Luke Homitsky

Creative Director

We are a collection of professionals with Design, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Fine Art experience. Modern and Unique approaches to your organization’s visual needs.

When it comes to the creative design marketplace thinktwin is a marriage of new school meets old school, we aren’t afraid to give personalized attention to our clients. We are a one stop shop no matter what your budget size. More importantly thinktwin is talent. We are hometown grown but internationally traveled and trained.

How we work.

1 Meet. Listen.
We feel we have to get to know you, to get to know your business. That commitment to personal attention goes right into management of the workflow.

2 Get to work. Stick to schedule.
The knowledge we gather about your business and your goals helps ThinkTwin devise an in depth marketing schedule. Our goal to superseded your goals and stand out with results not crazy graphics and reports.

3 24/7 Support.
Don’t look at your watch, we mean it. If something’s not working, if inspiration strikes, if you just can't wait to get started, you call we answer. This is truly what sets us apart. Thinktwin doesn't stop there, when the jobs done we are still here with training & support to ensure you keep getting results.